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Earlier Trips & Times in Clearwater

Greetings from Clearwater, Florida, on the Gulf of Mexico

We have lived in the Tampa Bay area, and continue to visit Clearwater today on road trips to Florida.

It was a while back, but we fondly recall our visits to Clearwater beaches, attractions and restaurants.

Being young and new to Florida, we took lots of road trips exploring cities and attractions in all directions. We picked up shells at Sanibel Island, and visited St. Armand's Key in Sarasota, Cypress Gardens, Fort Lauderdale, and Daytona Beach. We dined at the Original Oyster Bar and the Kapok Tree in Clearwater. We walked the beaches at Fort DeSoto Park. It was a thrill to watch the Apollo 14 launch at Cape Canaveral.

So .... What was Clearwater like in its earlier years, as residents and visitors enjoyed its beaches and unique architecture? What did all the restaurants, motels and public buildings look like when they were new? What did the traveling public experience? We wonder such things when we travel back to Clearwater today.

Those earlier times in the 1930s, 40s and 50s were not always captured on film. But the use of colorful postcards was common in those decades. These portray Clearwater and its architecture in past times and help us to visualize, and appreciate, "earlier times" as we visit the area today. Included below a sampling of our collection of vintage travel postcards dealing with Clearwater in its earlier years.

We have also included travel resources for the area today, and links to more Clearwater area resources.


Earlier Motels and Motor Courts in Clearwater

Shoreline View Motel
Shoreline View Motel, 1941 Edgewater Drive in Clearwater, Florida
Trees Motel
Trees Motel, 1569 S. Fort Harrison, US Highway 19 Alt, in Clearwater, Florida
Breeze Hill Motel
Breeze Hill Motel on Gulf-to-Bay Boulevard in Clearwater, Florida
Broadmoor Hotel Court
Broadmoor Hotel Court on U.S. Highway 60 in Clearwater, Florida
Rainbow Court Cottages
Rainbow Court Cottages and Trailer Park on U.S. Alt 19 in Clearwater, Florida
Arcadia Motel
Arcadia Motel in Clearwater, Florida
Gray Moss Inn
Gray Moss Inn, Clearwater, Florida
King Cole Motel
The King Cole Motel in Clearwater Beach, Florida
All States Cottage Court
Tropic Air Motel, 200 feet from the beach, in Clearwater, Florida
Sunset Point Hotel
Sunset Point Hotel, located directly on Clearwater Bay in Florida
Coronado Hotel
Coronado Hotel in Clearwater, Florida
Clearwater Beach Hotel
Clearwater Beach Hotel in Florida


Sunburst Apartments
Sunburst Apartments in Clearwater, Florida
Koli-Bree Apartments
Koli-Bree Apartments in Clearwater, Florida
Kipling Arms
Kipling Arms Apartments in Clearwater, Florida

The Beaches

Cabana Colony
Cabana Colony in Clearwater Beach, Florida
Aerial - Clearwater Beach
Aerial view of Clearwater Beach, Florida
A Day at the Beach
A day in the sun at Clearwater Beach, Florida

The Causeway

Causeway from Clearwater to Clearwater Beach in Florida Causeway from Clearwater to Clearwater Beach in Florida Causeway from Clearwater to Clearwater Beach in Florida

Around Town

Aerial view of Clearwater
Aerial view of downtown Clearwater, Florida
Fort Harrison Avenue
Fort Harrison Avenue in downtown Clearwater, Florida
Clearwater Municipal Auditorium
Municipal Auditorium in Clearwater, Florida
Shuffleboard in Clearwater
Shuffleboard in Clearwater, Florida
Pinellas County Courthouse
Pinellas County Courthouse in Clearwater, Florida
Marina at Clearwater Beach
Marina at Clearwater Beach, Florida

Restaurants and Dining

Pelican Restaurant
Pelican Restaurant in Clearwater Beach, Florida
The Beachcomber
The Beachcomber Restaurant in Clearwater Beach, Florida
Heilman's Beachcomber
Heilman's Beachcomber Restaurant in Clearwater Beach, Florida
Blue Gulf Restaurant
Blue Gulf Restaurant in Clearwater, Florida
Wonder Bar Restaurant
Wonder Bar Restaurant in Clearwater, Florida
Star Dust Restaurant
Star Dust Restaurant in Clearwater, Florida
Kapok Tree Inn
Kapok Tree Inn Restaurant in Clearwater, Florida
Baumgardner's Restaurant in Clearwater, Florida
Palm Cafeteria
Palm Cafeteria in Clearwater, Florida

The Restaurant Scene in Clearwater: Yesterday and Today

In years past, we always enjoyed our dining experiences at places like The Original Oyster Bar at 2400 Gulf to Bay Boulevard and the famous Kapok Tree Inn. And Fisherman's Wharf on Clearwater Beach was a perfect venue for a big celebration in 1971!

Today, hundreds more dining options of all cuisines are available in the area!

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