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Road Travel America staff takes a break while touring Death Valley National Park in California
Road Travel America staff takes a break while touring Death Valley National Park in California

We love America, and travel to the many exciting places and destinations that the country offers. We also enjoy being out on the open roads of America, like cross-country trips on Route 66, The Mother Road.

On this website our staff shares highlights of recent travels and popular road trips in North America, with original photographs, personal commentary, travel reviews, travel guides, trip planning tips and recommendations.

Travel Staff Credentials

While we have traveled extensively in Europe, the Caribbean, Costa Rica, Panama, Columbia and Alaska, on this website we focus on travel in the United States and Canada.

We've traveled thousands of miles over hundreds of roads in virtually every state and province in North America. From our office in Texas, we are positioned to make regular road trips to the west, north, south or eastern sections of the country.

Road Travel America staff touring Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming
Objects in the Rear View Mirror ... staff touring Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming

Our journeys have taken us on U.S. Highway 1 from Key West to the rugged coast of Maine, from New York to California, from Arizona to Oregon, and Texas to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. We have driven the Trans Canada Highway, starting at "Mile 0" in Victoria, through Vancouver, Lake Louise, Banff and other stops along the way.

We've toured the Pacific Coast Highway from San Diego to Oregon with stops in San Luis Obisbo, Big Sur, San Francisco, Astoria and other lovely destinations. We enjoyed the serenity of U.S. 50 the "Loneliest Road in America" in Nevada, and the twists and curves of the Beartooth Highway in Montana.

Who can forget the majestic beauty of the Going to the Sun Road in Glacier National Park, and the breathtaking vistas on Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountains NP. We never tire of driving the switchbacks on the Burr Trail and the Moki Dugway, and enjoying the fall foliage along Blue Ridge Parkway.

While in Alaska, we watched the whales near Juneau and dined on the crabs in Ketchikan, and were awed at the beauty of the Hubbard Glacier near Yakutat.

Hopefully our travel experiences will be of interest and benefit to website viewers as they plan their travel itineraries and road trips.

To give more extensive coverage of Historic U.S. Route 66, we have launched a new website with photographs, personal experiences, maps, and commentary on the various segments of the Mother Road. Join us for another American road trip soon!

Staff Snapshot Highlights from the Road

On our journeys over several decades across dozens of states, we have shot tens of thousands of photos! On this website we highlight some of those from our photo archives ... and we include below just a few favorites of our staff "at work" !

Solitude in the Badlands
Solitude in the Badlands National Park
Oregon Trail Center
Oregon Trail Center
Beartooth Highway
Beartooth Highway
Dirt Roading in Utah
Dirt Roading in Utah
High above Banff in Canada
High above Banff in Canada
Jefferson's Monticello
Jefferson's Monticello in VIrginia
Bonneville Salt Flats
Walking the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah
Yosemite in California
Yosemite National Park in California
Walking Death Valley
Walking Death Valley National Park in California
Pro Football Hall of Fame
Pro Football Hall of Fame in Ohio
What do you see in the Badlands?
What do you see in the Badlands?
Route 66 near Oatman, AZ
Route 66 near Oatman, AZ
Photos on the Go
Photos on the Go
Dusty Paria Canyon Road
Dusty Paria Canyon Road
Ferry to Victoria, BC
Ferry to Victoria, BC
Trail Ridge Road Snowbank
Trail Ridge Road Snowbank
Sequoia National Park
Sequoia National Park in California
Climbing Old Fall River Road
Climbing Old Fall River Road in Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado
Tehachapi Loop in CA
Tehatchapi Loop in California
Pima Museum in Tucson
Pima Air and Space Museum in Tucson, Arizona
Visiting the Louisiana Capitol
Visiting the Louisiana Capitol in Baton Rouge
Bockscar at the USAF Museum
B-29 Superfortress "Bockscar" at the USAF Museum in Dayton, Ohio
Visiting Baton Rouge
Visiting Baton Rouge
Route 66 near Miami, OK
Touching the Route 66 "Ribbon Road" near Miami, Oklahoma
The Breakers in Newport
The Breakers in Newport, Rhode Island
Retiring in Moab, Utah
Retiring in Moab, Utah
Inside the Super Sport
Inside the 1962 Impala Super Sport ... what fun we had in those road trips in this vehicle!
Lake Louise Photo Op
Lake Louise Photo Op in Canada
Jeep 4x4 on Burr Trail
Our Jeep 4x4 on the Burr Trail in Utah
Loyd Hall in Louisiana
Road trip in the 1962 Monte Carlo to Loyd Hall in Louisiana
Welcome to North Dakota
Welcome to North Dakota
The 62 Chevy Super Sport
The 62 Chevy Super Sport
South Dakota Air Museum
B-52 and admirer at the South Dakota Air Museum
Overlooking Mount Rainer
Overlooking Mount Ranier National Park
Touching the Mother Road in AZ
Touching Historic U.S. Route 66 near Seligman, Arizona
Grand Canyon Photo Op
Grand Canyon National Park Photo Op
Capturing Memories at Zion
Capturing Memories at Zion National Park in Utah
The Top of the Continental Divide
The top of the Continental Divide
Stopping to Eat in Destin
Stopping in the Acura Integra to Eat in Destin, Florida
Fun stay at King's Crown!
King's Crown Condominiums in Sanibel, Florida ... what great memories!
The Burr Trail in Utah
The Burr Trail in Utah
Stormy Night in Escalante UT
Stormy Night in Escalante Utah
Crater Lake NP
A blue sky and blue water day at Crater Lake National Park
Lobster in Bar Harbor
It was a great lobster in Bar Harbor, Maine!
San Diego Zoo
San Diego Zoo ... theNAT
Near the Panama Canal
Cruising in the Caribbean Sea near the Panama Canal
Lucky Lady in Omaha
B-29 Superfortress "Lucky Lady" at the Strategic Air Museum near Omaha, Nebraska
Canyonlands NP Utah
Enjoying the spectacular view at Canyonlands National Park in Utah
Waving near Moab UT
Waving near Moab UT on a dirt road
Ken's Gardens @ Mackinac
Ken's Gardens near Mackinac, Michigan
Mendenhall Glacier in AK
Mendenhall Glacier near Juneau, Alaska
Taking the Pacer to New England
Roadtripping in the Pacer to New England
Old Faithful Visitor Center
Old Faithful Visitor Center at Yellowstone National Park
Hasta la Vista - Boulder Utah
Hasta la Vista - Boulder Utah


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