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North America features hundreds of exciting vacation travel destinations, attractions, parks and resorts! Travel guides on this website include first-hand travel experiences, personal road trip recommendations, travel tips, maps, lodging options and original photographs from popular travel vacations.

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Reviews and articles on popular national parks, with maps and photographs List of scenic roads, highways and byways across the United States
List of popular trips and vacation destinations across the United States Map of popular national parks and travel destinations in the United States

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Welcome to the James Dalton Highway ...Gateway to the Arctic .... the Road to Prudhoe Bay
Have you driven the 414 miles along the Dalton Highway in Alaska up to Deadhorse? Or seen it on "Ice Road Truckers"? Learn about this difficult, remote road trip ... The Dalton Highway.

The vacation experiences on this website are designed to assist travelers in planning their ultimate travel itineraries.

Explore the many exciting places, outdoor activities, classic drives and destinations that the USA and Canada have to offer. Discover the open roads and scenic byways, and enjoy a cross-country trip on Route 66 The Mother Road and a quiet weekend journey on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

When cruising Utah Scenic Byway 12 or the Going to the Sun Road in Montana, excitement lies around every curve.

For those planning a trip to Canada, be sure to read reviews of a recent tour of Victoria, one of the favorite destinations in British Columbia. And don't miss the popular Banff and Lake Louise areas in the Canadian Rockies.

This website also features travel guides, trip planners and reviews on the most popular national parks such as  Great Smoky Mountains National Park and other museums and monuments, such as Mount Rushmore.

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